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Present Situation Of Yard Management

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Yard Management Container yards are massive areas where trucks, trailers and other large haul vehicles lug in containers, deposit them for transfer to other trucks or ships. Similarly they pick up containers offloaded from ships or other trucks. This is of course, not as simple to operate as it sounds. Some container yards easily measure 25 kilometers across having thousands of containers,either to be deposited or awaiting pick-up. Truck drivers are interested in picking up or depositing their containers in the shortest possible time.Even large amounts of staff, radio handsets, access to computer terminals and databases do not make this task easy.


Present Situation Of Anesthetic Dosages

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AnesthaticOnly one company has so far introduced this system and patented it too.About 4.5 million syringes are already being manufactured for this application in one year.

Present Situation

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Animal Identification

Branding gave way to physical plastic tags mounted on the animals in holes made in their ears specifically for this purpose, Though! identification was still done manually.This was the situation for cattle and other commercially raised animals and there was no system however for pets too.Therefore pet owners always had problems when it came to identifying lost pets.


Present Scenario

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rfid secure

RFID anti-theft tags and systems were introduced about a decade back.Initially again, only jewelry shops, high end designer boutiques and similar “expensive goods” shops could justify the ROl.But now with falling prices of these systems coupled with rising costs of manpower, they are getting attractive and are now used in many of the large department stores, supermarkets and malls.




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Application & Solutions


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