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RFID Solution Of Drug Pedigree

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rfid for drug pedigreeImplementing RFID systems is of course not the only answer to the pedigree problem, but is by far the most attractive. A manual paper & pen based system is certainly possible but unworkable as the amount of paper trails will be huge adding to the supply chain inefficiencies.


Advantages Of RFID

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  1. rfid in event mangmentNo possibility of counterfeits. It is difficult for a counterfeiter to make or source RFID inlays matching the specs of the original, as also the impossibility of guessing the genuine serial numbers.
  2. Easier managing of access at gates as the scanning is faster with RFID tags on the tickets.

Has this system been implemented? Of course. The most visible demonstration of the new system was at the recent FIFA Soccer World Cup in Germany. About 4.8 million RFID tickets were sold to fans, leading to no counterfeit problems and easier access control to the matches.

Present Scenario Of Food Safety

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Food safetyThe safety of food products is a prime concern today. What with the recent spinach e coli outbreak, the not so old mad cow disease and other such scares, one cannot but feel scary. This is important for most people because eating is something that one can never avoid, unlike say, traveling by air.Hence anything related to food safety is very important for all of us.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Rfid solution for gasAutomatic, fast & secure authorization due to RFID tags mounted on the vehicle itself. There is no waste of time when the driver approaches the filling station as there are no cards to be swiped.
  2. Gasoline filling station can be unmanned. Authorization is on basis of RFID tags and not personal relationships between truck drivers and gas attendants
  3. Keeps a near real-time track of trucks, gasoline filled and drivers, leading to optimized operations. Minimizes billing errors too. Allows daily reports an tracking, reconciliation of records between the trucking company and the gasoline company.



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Application & Solutions


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