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Applications & Solutions

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. The vRfid in museumsisitor gets all the benefits of a guide without really paying for one.
  2. The Museum also utilizes the electronic guide,can give a very good experience to the visitor, but without paying for a physical person.
  3. The Museum can assess which artefacts elicit the most interest, decide on placement of individual objects so that the visitors interest.

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Adventages of rfid solution for national identificationA single ID card needs to be issued. No need to issue multiple documents and cards to the same person.
  2. A secret serial number (encrypted) on the card which connects it to the right database entry. No way to duplicate or forge this.A single fake document can no longer be used to generate other perfectly legal documents.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. adventages of rfid Increased office worker productivity.
  2. Tracking of usage by printer and cartridge
  3. .Less chances of printer damage by using wrong cartridges.

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Adventages of rfid for plane crashesInstant location of critical spares in all hangars, material stores & depots and even on board remote places like aircraft carriers.
  2. Less need to carry excess inventory of must have spares, as the required spares can be almost instantly located. Hence less cash gets locked up in inventory without sacificing reliability





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Application & Solutions


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