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Applications & Solutions

Problems With The Present System

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  1. Problems with the present system of waste mangmentTracking these trucks and the personnel who man them is a problem for the local authorities. There is no way to monitor that garbage has actually been collected everyday.
  2. No way to verify the time taken to travel along every route, or to verify the time taken to collect say x number of bins of garbage every day.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Advantages Of RFID Solution in Yard MangmentDrivers have no waiting time inside the yard.
  2. The average cargo turnaround time reduces by at least 20%, which means that the handling capacity of the yard increases by 20% without adding any more bays or any physical expansion, involving buying more real estate.This of course can translate into millions for a Yard management company.


Problems With The Present Situation

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anethesiaThe present system of administration is imprecise.Also the volatile anesthetics that are breathed in by the patient leads to many a unpleasant side effects like a groggy feeling in the head, as the patient recovers (similar to a very bad hangover), nausea and vomiting.This in turn makes recovery slow and painful.


RFID Solution Of Animal Identification

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RFID Solution Of Animal IdentificationInjectable RFID tags are now available.They are injected to remain under the skin of the animal while delivered through a special syringe, their advantage is that they are less painful also there is no outside identification mark for a malicious person to know where the tag is embedded in order to remove it or modify it.The RFID chip inside the tag is generally ‘Read-Only” so that data once recorded cannot be modified.




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Application & Solutions


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