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Applications & Solutions

Car Manufacturing

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Car manufacturing Car manufacturing, in reality today, is less about manufacturing and more about assembling. This means that once the frame of a car is ready,it moves on a conveyor belt and slowly various components and things get added to it along the way. Therefore, a very large number of components have to be fitted in the right place, which again means that the correct components should be available at the correct workstation, when the car frame arrives there for fitment.

Advantages Of Using RFID

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  1. adventages of using rfidThe system will make it impossible to pass on counterfeit drugs as genuine ones and thereby solve a major problem for all healthcare consumers.
  2. For supply chain participants, it ensures that only legitimate drugs passes through their channels so they can thus breathe easily.
  3. Governments can choke off the supply of illegal drugs and ensure that all legit taxes are collected.

RFID Solution Of Event Management

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rfid solution for event managmentPrinted Tickets with RFID inlays are the best present solution to this problem. The ticket looks similar to an ordinary one, but has an RFID inlay inside. The RFID inlay is a passive, read only type tag which can now be identified by a reader. Since the tag can be identified at a distance,it is possible to have an access control system at which the visitors flash their tickets at an automatic door which opens. Alternatively, for large events where security guards are anyway necessary to control the crowds, they can be equipped with handheld readers that quickly scan the ticket and allow entry.

Problems With The Present System

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  1. problems with the present system of food safetyNo way for the consumer to know the source of the food. For example 1 have no way of knowing whether the particular apple I am buying came from Farmer Jones or not.

  2. No information to verify the “packed on” or “best before” dates.

  3. No traceability. For example in case of an e coli outbreak, the tracing has to be done manually by sifting through records of various entities in the supply chain including retailers, wholesalers, importers, shippers, transporters, etc. Very cumbersome and slow.



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Application & Solutions


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