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RFID Solution Of Mother Baby Pairing

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rfid solution for mother and baby pairingTo prevent mismatches between mothers & their babies one could easily use RFID tags designed for the purpose.The infant could wear a very small wristband, more like a bangle, which is embedded with an RFID tag inside.


RFID Solution Of Museums

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RFID solution for museumsThere is not one, but many RFID solutions to the problem. The first is to equip each visitor with a handheld device, which is really an RFID reader. The device can have a set of headphones connected to it. The main device can be kept in the pocket and headphones can be worn as usual. Each item bears an RFID tag.


RFID Solution Of National Identification

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RFID solution for national identification

A user typically has only a single card with an embedded RFID chip with a unique number. This RFID tag number then points to an online database which is accessed by a multitude of agencies. The same database can have all information related to the holder, including details like date of birth, whether allowed to drive (electronic driving permit),


RFID Solution Of Office Printers & Cartridges

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RFID solution for office & CartridgesEmbed an RFID inlay inside both the print cartridge and the printer. Before opening the seal, the printer’s RFID reader senses the cartridge’s RFID tag and displays a message on either the PC which is attached to the printer ,or on its own display (if it has one).




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Application & Solutions


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