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Applications & Solutions

RFID Solution Of Vehicle Identification

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RFID Solution Of Vehicle IdentificationAn RFID tag (UHF with a long range) is affixed to the underside of a car that is to be allowed entry. An antenna positioned some distance away senses an approaching vehicle, sends data to a central server based system which decides if the vehicle is authorized and opens the gates.A record is also automatically made which enters date & time of entry or exit.There is no “booth” based security.


RFID Solution Of Waste Management

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RFID Solution Of Waste ManagementEach waste bin or bucket has an RFID tag attached to it. Every garbage truck has an RFID reader attached to it.When the waste bin is lifted and emptied into the truck, the truck reader reads the RFID tag and transmits this data to the wireless handheld in the truck driver’s cabin.


RFID Solution Of Yard Management

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RFID Solution for yard managmentThe RFID solution is to go in for a RLTS (Real Time Location System). This involves installing a UHF system (operating at say 868 MHz). The UHF system consists of RFID tags of UHF type (long range tags), mounted on the containers themselves and a slew of powerful UHF readers, located around the perimeter of the yard.The readers are connected to a central computer database, which manages the system.


RFID Solution Of Anesthetic Dosages

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RFID for anesthesiaFor the dosages, the company eliminated the vials and came out with single use syringes preloaded with different dosages. Depending on the patient, the anesthetist had to choose which dosage would be most suitable and select the correct syringe accordingly.




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Application & Solutions


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