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Present Situation Of Event Management

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Event ManagementLarge events, be they sports events like football matches, rock shows or trade exhibitions are always a challenge to manage. The challenges arise from the fact that the organizers are trying to control, not just ordinary crowds of people, but large fanatical crowds (like football fans). Restricting entry to only genuine ticket or pass holders is a major headache.


What Are The Advantages Of This Systems

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  1. adventages of food safetyThe customer gets confidence in the product as the genuineness can be checked by herself.The customer pays the right price for the right produce.

  2. The store also creates confidence in its customers that the genuine stuff is being stocked and not some cheap imitations being passed off as real.


Present Scenario Of Gasoline Dispensing

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Gasoline DispensingLarge bulk transporters who have fleets of trucks to carry their materials have to operate gasoline filling stations, located in their yards, where truck drivers can refuel their trucks. Consider the problem faced by a large cement company, who operates a large fleet of trucks. The trucks have to be periodically refueled at gasoline stations.


History Of Hospital Stores Management

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Hospital Stores Management In the past, hospitals were places where patients underwent surgeries, recovered and convalesced. They still do today of course, but these days, surgeries require a large amount of special parts, that are either used and thrown away, or are implanted directly into the patient’s body.




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Application & Solutions


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