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Future Scenarios Of Waste Management

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GreeceIn Europe, a municipality in Greece has already implemented such a system and more are likely to follow. The attractiveness of the system will make other local city councils and municipal authorities to implement these kind of systems. It will improve governance, cleanliness and ultimately help the ecology. The ROl is very good, given the returns are not just in X dollars , but also have environmental side benefits.

Future Scenarios Of Yard Management

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Future Scenarios Of Yard ManagementIn future most container terminals and associated yards will implement some kind of an RFID system, similar to the one described here. Increasing pressures to improve security. speed up transportation while at the same time reduce costs will drive more yards to implement such systems.

Future Trends

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  1. future trends for anesthetic with rfidIf this product continues to show success then there is no question that other similar products with different applications will be introduced by other medical device companies. 
  2. As an astute medical practitioner can see that  this technique can be used for other dosages too, not just for anesthetics, but may be also for other drugs and medicines.
  3. Later on, if patients & hospitals find this technique results in a lot less failures  then the authorities may even legislate this into law as the only proven method for reducing unwanted incidents.

Likely Future Scenarios

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  1. future scenerios of Animal identificationThe government or other statutory authorities may mandate that all animals should be tagged   whether pets,cattle,livestock or endangered wild species. 
  2. Pet tagging would have the records of pet health easily available including vaccinations for, say! The rabies vaccine which is normally given to pet dogs.Livestock tagging would enable government monitoring of the food chain.




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Application & Solutions


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