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A Typical Scenario

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A Typical Scenario of RetailingA shopper casually walks into the store. She is glancing at interesting items and comes across a scarf (say costing $500—yes, it’s a designer scarf, remember?) the fixed RFID reader located some distance away notices and records this interest.If the shopper calls out to a sales girl (equipped with a “wand”) she can get all information about the scarf by waving her (magic?) wand.The wand reads the tag, connects wirelessly to the store database and displays information about the scarf on a large LCD screen somewhere nearby.


Problems With The Present System

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    • The staff has to scan the bar code with a reader and then get price and related information.Problems With The Present System of retailing

    No way for the staff to monitor the number of interested customers that pick up and merely examine an item, without asking any information from any sales staff.


    Advantages Of RFID Solution

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    1. Advantages Of RFID Solution for retailingThe sales staff have instant access to all item data with the wand.
    2. The readers located around the store can identify shopping patterns (probably a more pleasant area of the store has more footfalls).
    3. Customers can be upsold with additional items smoothly e.g. a matching necklace that goes alongwith the scarf?Enormous amounts of customer behavioural data can be collected and acted upon.

    RFID Solution Of Retailing

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    RFID Solution Of RetailingEquip fixed RFID readers all over the store, including the trial rooms. The goods all are tagged with RFID tags. Sales staff have small handheld unobtrusive readers, also called as wands by some RFID vendors.

    Future Scenarios Of Retailing

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    Future Scenarios Of RetailingMany higher end retail stores, could implement this system easily. Plus having high margins means that the ROl on such investments will be much higher and in a smaller timeframe. Designer clothes boutique stores, high end fashion accessories stores, leather handbags and accessories stores will be the implementers of this system in the coming few years.



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